"To bring scientifically proven Ayurvedic products to the dietary supplement, personal care, food and beverage and medical food industries worldwide."

  • History:

    Ayurveda means Science of Life and it has been the traditional practice of medicine in India since 3500 BC. There are nearly 1500 herbal products in this system of medicine. Ayurvedic products did not gain much recognition in the western world until recently because these products have been made in the traditional way described in Ayurveda without any scientific standardization, safety studies and clinical evidence. Natreon, Inc. was founded by pharmaceutical scientists to bring Ayurveda to prominence in the world by using scientific approach.

    Natreon, Inc. is a 16 year old company located in New Jersey with a state of the art R&D facility in Kolkata, India, and is focused on developing and marketing Ayurvedic products backed by extensive research, high degree of standardization, multiple clinical studies, safety studies, and intellectual property.

  • R&D Team:

    is headed by Prof. Shibnath Ghosal, a Fullbright scholar and an eminent natural product chemist with hundreds of publications in scientific journals and a group of Ph.D. and Masters’ level scientists. Natreon’s scientific research includes process optimization, development of chromatographic analytical methods such as HPLC, HPTLC, GC‐MS and LC‐MS for standardization, development of marker compounds, and pharmacological studies. Safety studies are done in USA and clinical studies are conducted in reputed institutes in India as well as USA.

  • Product Portfolio:

    is a super antioxidant (ORACFN of 47,000 µmoles TE/g) and an excellent cardiovascular product, which is all natural, derived from the edible fruits of Phyllanthus emblica, organic and non‐GMO. Unlike CoQ10 and fish oils, Capros® is completely water soluble and stable making it suitable for both solid dosage forms as well as hot and cold beverages. The claims are backed by eight human clinical studies in type 2 diabetics, healthy volunteers and in pre‐metabolic syndrome subjects, including one at Ohio State University Medical Center. Four studies have been published so far and another was accepted for publication. An ischemia reperfusion study and mechanism of action studies were conducted at University of Connecticut, which showed that Capros® may help mitigate the effects of ischemia through GSK3β‐β Catenin pathway. This study will be submitted soon for publication in International Journal of Cardiology. Capros® recently received a no objection GRAS letter from FDA. A summary of its actions, compared to fish and krill oils, is given below:

    • Improves endothelial function by increasing production of NO and Glutathione by more than 50% while fish & krill oils may not have such an effect
    • Decreases LDL cholesterol while fish and krill oils increase LDL‐C.
    • Decreases inflammation biomarker hsCRP by more than 50% while fish and krill oils have absolutely no effect on hsCRP.
    • Inhibits collagen‐induced platelet aggregation significantly (p<0.001) – important for prevention of clot formation when there are micro injuries in the blood vessels
    • Increases HDL, decreases triglycerdies, while fish & krill oils decrease only triglycerides.
    • Decreases HbA1c while fish & krill oils have no such effect
    • Super antioxidant with ORAC value of 47,000 µmoles TE/g while fish and krill oils are susceptible to oxidation.
    • Vegetarian, from edible fruits, organic and non‐GMO
    • No danger of contamination with PCBs and other sea pollutants
    • FDA GRAS no objection letter
    • Unlike fish & krill oils, CoQ10 and resveratrol, Capros® is completely water‐soluble
    • Resveratrol has many good properties similar to Capros®, but it has poor water‐solubility and poor bioavailability due to first pass effect.
    • Stable in powder form for 5 years and in solution for at least one year.
    • Can be offered in a small solid dosage, liquid or powder dosage forms.
    • A combination product of Capros® and krill oil may provide more complete cardiovascular benefits.

    is the best‐selling Ashwagandha in the market with anti‐stress, anti‐ hyperlipidemic, cognition enhancing and anti‐inflammatory properties. It is derived from a unique blend of the leaves and roots of Withania somnifera and is available as organic and non‐GMO. Sensoril® has been in the U.S. market for more than ten years with proven efficacy and safety. It is supported by seven clinical studies in type 2 diabetics and healthy volunteers, in addition to a cognition study in bipolar subjects at University of Pittsburgh, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. One anti‐ stress study with three different doses was published in J. of American Nutraceutical Association. Another study on the anti‐inflammatory properties of this product at University of Pittsburgh and an osteoarthritis study is in progress at NIMS, Hyderabad, India.

    • Reduces stress, fatigue and sleeplessness and increases energy
    • Experiential product with increasing market share
    • Improves endothelial function and lipid profile in Type 2 diabetics
    • Improves mental cognition without significant adverse events
    • Decreases hsCRP, a biomarker for inflammation.
    • Backed by 7 clinical studies, self‐affirmed GRAS, Pre‐DSHEA
    • No complaints in 10 years of world‐wide market history

    is a Chromium III‐polyphenolic complex, which is a safer form of Chromium. It comes as a fine powder with a 2% concentration of Chromium which results in greater content uniformity in the finished capsules or tablets. One published clinical study with Crominex®‐3+ in adjuvant therapy with prescription oral anti‐diabetic drugs in type 2 diabetics has shown that it can reduce blood glucose levels, especially post‐prandial. Two additional human clinical studies – one in type 2 diabetics and the other in subjects with metabolic syndrome symptoms – have shown that Crominex®‐ 3+ improves endothelial function as well as cardiovascular health. A study in arthritic dogs at Murray State University in Kentucky has shown that Crominex‐3+ has significantly improved arthritic conditions in dogs. Additional clinical studies comparing Crominex® 3+ to other branded chromium products, such as Chromax®, Chromemate® and Zychrome®, are about to be completed.

    • Decreases blood glucose levels, especially, post‐prandial, in type 2 diabetics when added to standard therapy.
    • Improves endothelial function, reduces total cholesterol, LDL, VLDL, HbA1C and triglycerides and increases HDL, NO and Glutathione levels in both type 2 diabetics as well as pre‐metabolic syndrome subjects.
    • Decreases hsCRP, a biomarker for inflammation.
    • Efficacy is much more prominent in type 2 diabetics than in pre‐metabolic syndrome subjects and at 400 mcg dose than at 200 mcg dose.
    • Decreases overall pain, pain after limb manipulation and pain after physical exertion in moderately arthritic dogs.
    • Better bioavailability than other forms of chromium
    • Economical compared to other branded chromium ingredients – 2/3 of a cent per 400 mcg dose.
    • Excellent content uniformity in finished dosage form

    is the latest introduction to Natreon’s product portfolio. It is a clinically proven, water‐ soluble, vegetarian, organic, non‐GMO product for joint health. It is derived from the edible fruits of Terminalia chebula with high concentrations of chebulinic acid and chebulagic acid. It decreases WOMAC & VAS scores and knee swelling index significantly in moderately osteoarthritic subjects. It also increases pain threshold force and pain tolerance force in healthy volunteers. In addition to joint health benefits, AyuFlex® is a super antioxidant with ORACFN value of 36,000 μmoles TE/g and helps improve the endothelial function and lipid profile. It has also shown to decrease the inflammatory biomarker hsCRP and glycosylated hemoglobin.

    • Improves joint health in subjects with moderate osteoarthritis
    • Increases pain threshold force and time in healthy subjects
    • Boosts endothelial function in type 2 diabetics as well as subjects with pre‐metabolic syndrome symptoms
    • Lowers HbA1C levels in type 2 diabetics
    • Adds to cardiovascular health by reducing TC, LDL, TGs and hsCRP while increasing HDL.
    • Vegetarian
    • Water-soluble
    • Small dosage form
    • Super anti-oxidant

    contains a minimum of 60% of Fulvic Acid and equivalents, derived from Shilajit and is a mitochondrial energy booster. It contains several amino acids and 40+ minerals, many of them trace minerals, required by our bodies for proper physiological functioning.

Patents & Trademarks:

Natreon has 19 U.S. and foreign patents and several registered trademarks in various countries.

Key Executives:

  • Sanni Raju, Ph.D., R.Ph., CEO & Chairman
  • Rick Kaiser, V.P., Sales & Marketing
  • Ratan Chaudhuri, Ph.D., Technical Advisor
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